Fluidmaster Fill Valves & Flappers

PRO45U Universal Fill Valve    -  Literature

PRO45U Universal Fill Valve

- Literature



Based on the PRO45 platform, the PRO45U is built to fit every toilet out there - from the old 5 gpf to the new 1.28 HET toilets to special toilets like the TOTO® Drake and Kohler® Cimarron. The PRO45U restores them all to factory specifications thanks to six refill diverter inserts and our patented water saving refill adjuster.

Installation instructions for the Fluidmaster Pro45 Universal Fill Valve.

PRO747 Fill Valve for Kohler Toilets

PRO747 Fill Valve for Kohler Toilets



Fluidmaster Ballcock replacement for select Kohler toilets. High refill port and refill adjuster ensure, efficient, consistent, performance Comes either with riser (FLU747K) or by itself (FLU747) for quick replacement Replaces the fill valve on the following Kohler toilets: 

K-3466, K-3467, K-3386, K-3524, K-3492, K-3607 K-3393 & Adjustable Ballcock.

PRO58 3"Universal Flapper

PRO58 3"Universal Flapper



PRO58 adjusts to fit any 3" toilet on the market in just three easy adjustments. The included guide tells you exactly what setting you need for the most popular toilets. And the silicone seal will last up to 10 times longer than a regular flapper.