Why use Press Fittings for Copper?

Why Use Press?


Speed and Simplicity                                                    

Using a Press copper connection is simple and quick. Takes less than 30 seconds of preparation and between 4 to 7 seconds of pressing, these fittings can save you hours of work.

No Fire

Unlike soldering, Press systems do not need an open flame to be completed. This creates a safer work environment and by not requiring a hot work permit.

Wet System Safe

Another advantage over soldering, Press fittings can be installed without having to drain and dry the system beforehand. This saves the trouble of draining every single drop of water out of the pipes, but minimizes the system’s downtime.

press jaws.jpg


The Press system uses just one power tool that provides greater maneuverability than soldering. No additional tools and accessories, no working an open flame in tight spaces, and even no need for cleaning products. Just one power tool, a deburring tool, and fittings to make a connection on virtually any pipe, no matter its location.


By automatizing almost every step in the process, Press fittings consistently create uniform, clean, and reliable joints. The Press system provides connections you can count on day in and day out.