Humidifiers & Air Cleaners

N&N Stocks Trion Humidifers. A must-have for a HVAC system in the North-East with cold winters or homes with forced air heat. 

Why use a Humidifier? 

Low humidity in the home has noticeable effects:

Benefits of Humidification

  • Proper humidification reduces discomfort, tiredness, sickness.
  • Proper humidification reduces susceptibility to colds, chapped lips, dry, red eyes and dry, itchy skin and possible nose bleeds.
  • Proper humidification reduces damage to wooden objects. Wood in the house would shrink as it dries out. Things like wood molding, wood floors, wood furniture, etc. would be affected.
  • Proper humidification reduces levels of dust.
  • Proper humidification reduces static electricity charge.

N&N Supply Co. Stocks:

  1. Trion HE1400 16x25 high efficiency electronic air cleaner. The HE1400 is a complete system, connect the ductwork and plug in.
  2. Trion HE2000 20x25 high efficiency electronic air cleaner. The HE2000 is a complete system, connect the ductwork and plug in.


The permanent, aluminum air purifying cells can be easily removed for cleaning, so there are no replacement filters to buy – ever. An optional, replaceable charcoal after-filter greatly reduces common household odors.

Available in three sizes and capable of cleaning 1,400 to 2,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM), Trion® air cleaners feature a standard, built-in airflow sensor so that the air cleaner is only running when the heating or air conditioning equipment is running to reduce energy consumption.


Trion CM200 is a compact, durable, evaporative humidifier that was designed for homes up to 2800 square feet, where there may be limited space available for mounting. The evaporated water is released into the home by the furnace or air handler.


  • Adjustable, precision duct or wall mounted humidistat allow the the unit to be set to optimum relative humidity.
  • Universal mounting allows for left or right side air intake when installed.
  • 2" evaporator pad expands the evaporative area for water supply and increases performance.
  • Accessible from the front making pad change easy.
  • Wide 6" duct collar for ease of installation.
  • Serviceable internal water filter protects solenoid
  • Self-piercing saddle valve and a 24v brass solenoid valve makes install easy
  • Uses standard humidifier 24VAC power input
  • Complete installation kit and humidistat control included for immediate installation


Trion Mister-MINI operates by dispersing a fine mist into the warm air supply duct of your heating system. The water is evaporated by the warm air from the furnace and carried into your home by the furnace air flow. The result is a heightened indoor air quality and increased comfort.


  • Fast and Easy Installation – Mounts directly to the duct in only a 3.125" x 3.125" opening.
  • Compact Construction – The unit is small enough to fit into areas where larger humidifiers will not.
  • Push-To-Lock Fittings – Water connections are easy and provide simple, worry free operation.
  • Tilt-out Nozzle Assembly – Ensuring simplified maintenance by allowing quick access to the key parts of the unit.
  • Clean Humidity – Mister-MINI introduces atomized water directly to the airstream, so there is no standing water to become stagnant.
  • Versatile Sizing – Capacity is easily increased or decreased by simply changing the nozzle.


ComfortBreeze™ CB100 Innovations in water saving technology are paramount features available with Trion’s newest fan powered evaporative humidifier. The evaporative humidifier is installed into the supply duct and air is drawn across the moist evaporator pad (wetted through the home’s water supply). The evaporated water is efficiently released into the home by the furnace or air handler.


  • Optional patent-pending H2OSmart™ Technology provides maximum performance, water savings, and fault annunciation.
  • Highest peak capacity delivers up to 20 gallons per day at 140ºF.
  • The built-in fan motor helps deliver maximum humidity.
  • Push-to-lock fittings simplify installation and provide worry-free operation.
  • Flexible Humidity Control – Stocking models are available with conventional mechanical humidistats 


Trion 707 atomizing humidifiers are installed onto the return duct where a superfine mist is generated, quickly absorbed into the air, and distributed into the home. The 707 can also operate as a free standing unit where a superfine mist is fed directly in to a room. 



  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Easy Assembly - Just fit the dome snugly on top of the pan – and that’s it!
  • 120v wall or duct-mount humidistat is easily adjustable from 20% to 80% relative humidity.
  • Centrifugal atomizing humidifiers are installed onto the return duct or as a free-standing unit where a superfine mist is fed directly to a room.
  • Includes an independent mounting bracket.