Plumbing Specialties/Commodities

  • 40 lb Sand Mix                              
  • 60 lb Black Top                             
  • 80 lb Concrete Mix                    
  • 80 lb Mortar Mix  
  • 2x8x16 Concrete Blocks
  • 4x8x16 Concrete Blocks
  • Ice Melt
  • Solar Salt

Gas Tanks

  • B Tank
  • MC Tank
  • 6LB Propane
  • 20lb Propane
  • 20 CU FT Oxygen
  • 40 CU FT Oxygen
  • 20 CU FT Nitrogen
  • 60 CU FT Nitrogen
  • CO2 Cylinder 
  • Disposable Mapp Tank
  • Disposable Propane Tank

Oil Products

  • Nozzles

No-Hub Clamps

No-hub coupling joins two hub-less connections. No-hub couplings are commonly used to connect a grease trap to a no-hub cast iron pipe. They can also be used for soil waste, vent lines, and storm drainage applications. No-hub couplings have a shear-resistant metal sleeve, making for extremely durable fittings that can withstand waste and water flow for many years.

N&N Stocks: 

No-Hub Clamps (From 2-8 inch)
Heavy Duty No-Hub Clamps (From 2-6 inch)

No-Hub Rubber Caps
Fernco No-Hub Specialy Clamps (1056-44)
MG Pipe Couplings (2-6 inch)
Mission ARC Clamps 
Mission Specialty Clamps
    Cast to Copper
    Cast to Plastic
    Copper to Copper

Mission couplings are used to connect a section of pipe into an existing run of waste line or vent.