Motor Run Capacitors

single cap

Single capacitance oval, metal can capacitors are designed for continuous run.

 - 37075H 7.5UF 370VAC RUN CAPACITOR 
 - 37100H 10UF 370VAC RUN CAPACITOR 
 - 37125H 12.5UF 370VAC RUN CAPACITOR 
 - 37150H 15UF 370VAC RUN CAPACITOR 
 - 37200H 20UF 370VAC RUN CAPACITOR 

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dual cap

Dual capacitance. Round, metal can.

 - 4JR0525 25/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP 
 - 4JR0530 30/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP 
 - 4JR0535 35/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP 
 - 4JR0540 40/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP   
 - 4JR0545 45/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP 
 - 4JR0550 50/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP   
 - 4JR0555 55/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP   
 - 4JR0560 60/5UF 440VAC DUAL RUN CAP 

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SwitchCap™ Dual Multiple Value Capacitor provides a two - easily switchable - capacitors in one simple package. Using easy to set switches, rather than jumper wires, SwitchCap™ is the future of multiple value capacitors.

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Turbo 200 Mini replacement capacitor for up to 14 popular “fan-sized” values—2.5
mfd to 12.5 mfd

Goodman Capacitors

  • CAP050250370RSS DUAL 370V RD 25/5 
  • CAP050300370RSS DUAL 370V RD 30/5  
  • CAP050350370RSS DUAL 370V RD 35/5 
  • CAP050350440RSS DUAL 440V RD 35/5 
  • CAP050500370RTS DUAL 370V RD 50/5 (L-SERIES)
  • CAP050400440RTS DUAL 440V RD 40/5 
  • CAP050450440RTS DUAL 440V RD 45/5 
  • CAP050550440RTS DUAL 440V RD 55/5 
  • CAP050600440RTS DUAL 440V RD 60/5
  • CAP050800440RTS DUAL 440V RD 80/5
  • CAP075000370VAS SINGLE 370V OVAL 7.5UF
  • CAP100000370VAS SINGLE 370V OVAL 10UF
  • CAP125000370RPS SINGLE 370V ROUND 12.5UF
  • CAP150000370VAS SINGLE 370V OVAL 15UF
  • CAP200000370RPS SINGLE 370V ROUND 20UF